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      Facebook Timeline      
      In September 2011, Mark Zuckerberg stood before the Facebook Developer Conference and announced the coming of Facebook Timeline. Amid a backdrop of colorful and clever Powerpoints, Zuckerberg spoke breathlessly of how Timeline would enable users to become curators of their own content. Or, in his own words, Facebook would become the "story of our lives."

It wasn't until December 15, though, that Timeline became available to the general public, but only as an opt-in feature. Users had seven days in which to publish their new Timeline, thereby allowing their friends to see the new design. Among the many new features were a large Cover picture, maps, integration with listening, watching and reading sites, and geo-tagging pics. Oh, yeah...and the ability to back-fill content all the way back to the user's birth.

In mid-January 2012, Facebook made it easier for people to get Timeline by splashing it across its homepage. Adopters have 7 days to publish their new Timeline before it will go live on its own. But on the 24th of January, Facebook announced that Timeline would soon be mandatory for all users. As per usual, Timeline was greeted like so many other Facebook changes through the past few years: people either loved them or hated them. The debate goes on in the news and online.

And now it's your turn. Tell us what you really think about Facebook's latest round of changes. Good? Bad? Or simply don't care? We want to know.

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