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      With a name like MediaBuffs, it would be easy to think this is a fan site for all things broadcast or print. While those two media may certainly play a role in our daily lives and professional activities, we are instead a consortium of academic researchers dedicated to studying all forms of media and related constructs. These media include, but are not limited to, television, radio, the internet, social media, books, and video.

Besides, it just seemed like a snappy name, and the domain was available.

While we are based at West Texas A&M University in Canyon Texas, our associates are not limited to our little sphere of influence. Our objective is to conduct engaging research on media topics of current importance. This site is our laboratory, yet it is also our electronic person-on-the-street intercept. You are that person on the street.

And we value your input.

Please be assured that all of our work on this site is strictly for academic purposes, and will be used in the most professional manner. All projects have been approved by the Institutional Review Board at West Texas A&M University and any participating universities.

  Any personal information collected for the purpose of awarding participation prizes shall remain completely confidential, and will never be sold, shared, or used for future communication unless so requested.

Our work is ongoing, and not limited to the projects currently listed. While we will continue to welcome participation in our current projects, we are preparing for the future. Our next endeavor is a comprehensive study of social media usage and "ownership." We are also exploring the possibility of studying the message effectiveness of recycling campaigns at local levels. Stop by again soon, and thank you for your participation today!


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